Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quick note.

Dear readers,
I have made it clear that this blog is intended to document my adventures and provide updates on my wellbeing, however I have neglected to explain what my adventures are! I am attending the America University of Cairo’s (AUC) intensive Arabic language program with the intention of learning how to read, speak and write in Arabic. I am going to be attending the AUC for a full school year and perhaps, finances willing, a bit more. My time in Egypt will be, for the most part, devoted to my schoolwork, however it would be a wasted opportunity if I did not venture out and see what the world has to offer. 
I took advantage of the transit to Egypt by allowing myself a brief sojourn in Barcelona to acclimate myself to the nine hour time difference, and lets be honest, its Barcelona, who wouldn’t take the opportunity to spend a couple days there. After a wonderful, albeit sweaty, stay in Barcelona I flew on Egyptair flight MS 0768 from BCN to CAI, unfortunately arriving too late to see the pyramids from the air. And thus the adventure begins. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mission Statement.

Mission Statement: This is an adventure (b)log, thus its primary goal is to document my adventures and promote further exploration. As such, it is intended to provide a platform for honest and valuable information about my experiences, my environment, and the like minded people I encounter.  It will be kept current in order to educate the audience about current events as understood by a foreign student, and to relate the strategies that have been useful or successful, or not, for my survival in my new environment.

The guiding principles for my adventure (b)log are as follows:
  1. Limited political or social commentary unless it is used to set up or provide background for a particular event.
  2. Humor and openness are vital.
  3. To provide educational content for anyone who might want to use the blog as a resource for adventure.
  4. Regularly updating content.
Disclaimer: Please note that the author of this blog is quite dyslexic and has trouble finding spelling and grammar mistakes. The author will do his utmost to prevent any errors.